Friday, November 8, 2013

Bald Eagles at Lake Casitas

We have settled into Southern California to visit family for the month of November. We are currently at Lake Casitas, a recreation area near Ojai. There is a pair of bald eagles living here and I was able to spot them in their "home tree" near the lake. 

Bald Eagle at Lake Casitas
The ranger told us that this pair had a couple of eaglets this spring. The rangers at the lake were pretty excited because it's the first babies born here in many years. The eaglets have since flown the coop, but Mom and Dad are still hanging around near the nest.

Mom and Dad near the nest

I caught one of the eagles flying but unfortunately didn't have the right camera setting to catch him in focus. Here you go anyway...

Bald eagle in flight
It's nice to see that the bald eagles have rebounded so significantly in the US in recent years. Hopefully this pair will have another family this spring!