Friday, May 31, 2013

Retirement Day!

This is a photo of an "RV cake" which my assistant and some colleagues at work had made for one of my retirement parties (specifically the 3rd of 4 parties).  It's an exact copy of our motor home!  

My amazing friends and colleagues honored me with so many nice words during my last few days at work.  First there was a retirement dinner with 15 close colleagues and friends on Wed night.  Lots of sincere speeches and thank you's.  Then another video-conference "party" with 5 sites yesterday (Spain, North Carolina, Boston, London and Philly).  My assistant put this all together - she really did a special job.  Then another party with the "RV cake" and finally a happy hour with many other colleagues.  4 parties in 24 hours - it was really a surreal and fantastic way to spend time with all the people I've known over the past 30 years.  Denise and I really enjoyed it.  

Today I packed up my office, said my final goodbye's and closed the door to my office.  I'm not a very emotional guy but I admit to welling up a few times.  I will miss the fantastic friends I've made, but I know we will stay in touch.  

On to the next phase.  I need a nap.  

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our lives are about to change!

Our Home in Downingtown PA.  Now Sold!
It's hard to believe that we are moving on after 30 years in Pennsylvania.  We are trading this great house with a fantastic view of the Chester County countryside for a view of the American road!

Our New Home!
This will be our new home as we set out to travel the American highways in search of a new place to settle.  We expect to be Full-timers in our Phaeton motorhome for the next 12 months (plus or minus)! 

I'm retiring from a 30 year career in the pharmaceutical industry and trading the grounded corporate world for that of a nomad. Which world will be more real?