Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Back in PA after 10,700 miles

We are back in Pennsylvania after completing our first circumnavigation of the US. Last year we took off from the Brandywine Campground on July 8, 2013 - we visited 27 states and traveled 10,700 miles - and now we have returned to our place of embarkation. 

Our temporary home on the Brandywine Creek in PA
Wow, what a difference from the West. The trees and grass are green and lush, the humidity is back and the spring rains come down most days. 

We have been spending our days visiting with friends, walking on the Struble trail and biking the Exton Valley trail. We've really enjoyed catching up and visiting to our old haunts. It feels a bit like home but also a little weird since we don't really live here anymore. 

Of course one of the first places we went was our "home brewpub" Victory Brewing. We met our friends Ann and Glenn there for Taco night and enjoyed some of the newest beers.

Denise, Glenn and a couple of Victory flights

Bob and Ann
We also have spent some time with Mandy and Jeff and their family, enjoying some sushi at a local place in Downingtown. 

Jeff, Mandy, Carson, Ian and Brielle

We were invited to an evening at Ricardo's house and enjoyed some authentic Spanish Fideua, which is very similar to Paella but made with short thin noodles instead of rice.

The Fideua was delicious

Ricardo is a great Spanish cook
Ricardo and Allan - friends from my years at GSK

I took in a Phillies game with Tony and Glenn. The game was kind of boring in the early innings and the Phil's were behind by one run in the 9th. But it got pretty exciting when Ryan Howard hit a 3 run walk-off homer to end the game! 

Citizens Bank Park - one of the nation's best parks
Glenn and Tony enjoying a beer at the game

We plan to spend about 6 weeks here in PA before resuming our adventure. For our second lap, we plan to head up to Maine, into Canada and then to the UP of Michigan before aiming toward the interior of the US.