Monday, October 28, 2013

LN2 ice cream and SFJazz

We had a great day in San Francisco yesterday - lunch, jazz, ice cream and dinner... in that order!

We first went to Hayes Valley, a neighborhood with cool shops, bars and restaurants. This area was pretty run down until 1989 when the earthquake destroyed the freeway over Hayes street. The state decided not to rebuild the freeway, and the neighborhood flourished. 

At lunch we met this nice couple who asked us "are you going to the jazz concert?" We didn't know about the jazz concert, and it was right next door! We snagged a couple of tickets to Dorado Schmitt and the Django all stars (a gypsy jazz group). It was a fantastic concert that we just happened into at a new jazz venue in San Francisco. 

The stage before the concert at SFJazz
Some friends we met who turned us onto the concert
After the concert we tried Smitten, a place that makes your ice cream to order using liquid nitrogen. They claim that the use of LN2 makes ice crystals that are much smaller than regular ice cream, and it's certainly fresh and creamy! Being a chemist, I was intrigued...

The LN2 machine that makes ice cream to order
A clever idea - wish I'd thought of it! 

Chocolate with spicy caramel - very smooth consistency.
Later we had a great dinner at Park Tavern. All in all a fun day in the great city of San Francisco! 

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