Sunday, September 14, 2014

Wheeler Geologic Area

While staying in Creede CO we rented an ATV and visited Wheeler Geologic Area. This is a very remote area in southwest Colorado which used to be a National Monument but was "demoted" because nobody showed up! The main reason that nobody came is because it's in the middle of nowhere and you need to take a 2 hour ride over a very rocky "road" to get there. Cars are a no-no on this track, and even Jeeps have to take their time. But we had no problem in our ATV!

I had never driven an ATV before and we had a blast! It was a beautiful ride over creeks, rocks, mud and dirt. Once we finally got to Wheeler, it was a 0.6 mile hike uphill (at 11,000 feet elevation) and the views were worth it.

At the trailhead

Wheeler Geology - similar to Bryce but a different color

Resting on the trail

After our hike we took the long 2 hour drive back in our ATV. Places like Wheeler must have been in the minds of those who wrote that ancient Chinese proverb...  

"The journey is the reward." 

Wheeler is a place that you have to want to visit because it takes determination. If that sounds good to you... go for it! 

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