Thursday, August 8, 2013

One month on the road!

Well we left Downingtown on July 8 and here it is August 8. It went pretty fast. But it also seems like months ago when we took to the PA turnpike and made our first stop in Streetsboro Ohio. 

We are off to a good start. The road is treating us and the motorhome well (over 2600 smooth miles so far) and we have met lots of nice people. There was the couple from California that we met in Petoskey who told us about a good campground to stay in when we get to CA. We met a nice couple in North Dakota from Apex NC who invited us back to their campsite. They are on their 12th cross-country trip and we compared bucket lists. We met a very nice couple from Mountain Top PA with a coach very similar to ours. They have owned 15 motorhomes since 1973 - we got lots of pointers and ideas for upgrades (this will cost me).

One month in the bag, how many more to come?  

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