Sunday, August 11, 2013

They love mobile home and RV parks

Tornadoes. We just pulled into a nice campground in the Black Hills and set up our coach when Denise's phone started beeping. She has a tornado app which was telling us that a big thunderstorm capable of spawning tornadoes was located in Hill City 4 miles away. The weather seemed ok, but 30 seconds later it hit - tons of rain, swirling wind and quarter-sized hail. Pretty scary sitting in a box with no where to turn. The app said that nobody should stay in campers or mobile homes so we ran through the rain into our car and waited it out. Is that any safer? 

Anyway we survived the storm and had a bit of excitement but the power is out. Fortunately we have a generator, cellphone, MiFi and beer so life is good.

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