Monday, April 28, 2014

Hot Springs National Park

We visited Hot Springs National Park in our quest to hit all 59 parks (this makes 35... only 24 to go). I have to say that this one is different and doesn't really measure up to most of the parks. It's located in and around the city of Hot Springs AR and is based on the natural hot spring baths of the 1920's. The visitor center is located on a street with several historic bathhouses.

Quapaw Baths in Hot Springs National Park
We toured the Fordyce Bathhouse - it's like stepping back in time. The contraptions look pretty scary but I guess this stuff was pretty luxurious and modern back in the day. 

Therapeutic whirlpool from the 1920s
Either a multi-head shower or some kind of torture device

I wonder if people 100 years from now will look at our modern spas and think the same thing as we thought looking at this stuff.  

There is also a nice drive and hiking area in the Ouachita mountains around the town - pretty but certainly not anything to compare with the bigger National Parks. 

In any event, we enjoyed the day and checked the box. Onward to the deep south. 

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