Thursday, April 17, 2014

Remember the Alamo!

We made a one day stop in San Antonio to see the Alamo and River Walk. The Alamo was pretty interesting, and seeing it helped to explain why Texans are so proud of their state. The description of the fight for Texas independence was compelling .

The Alamo - San Antonio Texas

In 1836, Mexican troops under General Santa Anna laid siege around the Alamo for 13 days before launching an assault. All of the Texan defenders were killed. This event inspired many Texans to join the army, and motivated by revenge they eventually defeated the Mexican Army and established their independence.

The River Walk is an area on the banks of the San Antonio river, one story below the street level, lined with bars and restaurants. It was originally devised to control river flooding in the 1920's after a disastrous flood took 50 lives. Today it's a successful tourist area. We found the River Walk to be an enjoyable stroll with many beautiful views, but it was a bit "too touristy" for our tastes. The restaurants were just ok and there were few locals around. 

Overall, we enjoyed our day in San Antonio but it doesn't compare to Austin. 

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