Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Any visit to Maine would not be complete without lobster. The local delicacy is everywhere! There are 3 "Lobster Pounds" within a half mile of our campground, and every restaurant in the area serves it in any number of ways. 

We sampled lobster almost every day and in several different forms. On our final night, I decided to go big and had the best lobster of my life at Down East Lobster Pound. 

A perfectly cooked 3.5 pounder
That's one huge claw - my hand looks small next to it
Lobster pounds sell by the pound (duh) and you can take your lobster live or they will cook it to order. We enjoyed our dinner on their picnic tables with a bottle of chardonnay that we brought.

On this occasion, Denise decided to go with the lobster roll. They take a freshly buttered and grilled hot dog bun and top it with tons of lobster chunks with a bit of mayo and old bay seasoning. Delicious! 

Lobster roll done right
We also tried this tasty dish one day for lunch. 

Lobster mac-n-cheese 

By the end of our 7-day stay Denise was ready to throw in the towel on lobster - but I could eat it every day. Unfortunately it's time to leave Maine and the tasty crustacean behind. We're on our way to Montreal where we will try to get by on poutine. 

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