Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Oh Canada!

We spent the last 6 days in Canada traveling from Maine to Michigan. We entered Quebec at a small border crossing in Vermont, and the French speaking border guard looked like she had never seen a motorhome before. She didn't quite know what to do when we told her we had some wine (5 bottles), vodka (1 bottle) and some fresh fruit in our coach. "Berries" she said with a quizzical look... perhaps she didn't know the word. I told her only 3 pints, and we managed to get through the crossing even though we were officially over our alcohol limit (in the coach I mean, not in our bloodstream).

We spent 3 days in Montreal and it felt like being in France. Everyone speaks French, all the signs are in French, and the streets have that European look. But we found the people to be very accommodating with most speaking English to us after we massacred a French word or 2.

On the street in Montreal
We parked on the street and I tried to figure out the parking signs. A nice Montrealer came up to me and in French-English said "you can't park there". And then he proceeded to give up his parking space to me and explain the meter system. Whoever said that French Canadians weren't nice? I was amazed at his hospitality.

A pedestrian zone in Old Montreal 
Notre-Dame Basilica
Of course we sampled some great French food. Perhaps the best meal we had was at a modest bistro where I sampled the asparagus salad and Duck confit. Simple food done right! 

After Montreal we crossed through Ontario on the Trans-Canada Highway and made our way back into the US at Sault Ste Marie, Michigan. 

It's nice to be "home" (even though we're always home).

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