Friday, July 5, 2013

How to you get your mail?

This is one of the most common questions we get when we tell people that we sold our house and will be living in our Motorhome. We need an address (legally called a "domicile") because we no longer own a home in PA. We decided to use a mail forwarding service in South Dakota called "America's Mailbox". These nice folks provide us with a true mailing address (not just a PO box), and anyone who needs to send us physical mail will use this address. Of course these days the need for paper mail is small because almost all documents and bills are on-line. But when that important piece of cellulose does need to reach us, the folks at Americas Mailbox collect it, sort out the junk and forward it anywhere we want, any time we want.  

This is the "first" package we received as nomads:

Our mail found us after it took a cross-country tour

There were only 2 pieces of mail inside the package, and neither was very important, so it was kind of anti-climactic. But the service is very convenient and so far we are happy with it.  

When we get to South Dakota in August we plan to get SD drivers licenses and vehicle registrations.  

Our new "home" 

We are leaving in 2 days. The last few weeks have been wonderful, exciting and sad all that the same time. We filled the pod, sold the car and made settlement on the house. We had many tearful goodbye parties with our fantastic friends, and a bit too much wine. The adventure begins...  

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