Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Minnesota sunset

We traveled from Chicago to Wisconsin for an overnight stay and then moved on to the the Leech Lake recreation area in northern Minnesota. This is lake country - there is water everywhere. I took these photos last night over the marshes and lakes.

Minnesota Sunset

We are staying at a fantastic park built by the Core of Engineers. If you are not familiar with COE parks, I would highly recommend checking one out. They are among the best places we have found to camp - clean, spacious and quiet. And this one has full hook-ups!

You may know that the Mississippi river starts in Minnesota. It's a pretty small creek around here, and we crossed it several times when traveling in the area. We plan to cross it again next spring in Mississippi where it's probably a bit bigger. 

The Mighty Mississippi

In the bustling town of Bemidji we stopped at a local Indian-owned restaurant called "The Marvelous Fish House." They get fresh perch and walleye delivered every day from the nearby Red Lake. Today was perch night, $13 for all you can eat, and it was delicious - probably the second best perch I've ever eaten (the best was some perch I caught myself when I was a kid). Here is my third helping: 

We also had some great local beer, a brown ale called Lost Trout from Third Street brewhouse. I plan to sample local beer everywhere we go and I'll post pics along the way.

We plan to stay here another 4 days unless the mosquitos carry our motorhome away. 

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