Monday, September 23, 2013

Boeing Factory

While near Seattle we dropped in to the Boeing Factory for a tour. I've been in seat 4K on the BA 777 so many times that I wanted to see how they were built.

The factory tour was very interesting. They take you into the largest building in the world by volume where there are several planes in various stages of construction. You see 747's, 777's and the new 787. 

Unfortunately, they don't let you take photos on the tour. In fact, there is a serious-looking security guard checking for cameras. I guess they are afraid of Airbus stealing their secrets. But I was able to get some pictures of the outside of the building and the planes after they were just finished being built. 

A small part of the largest building in the world
Finished planes with protective plastic film 
When the tour was finished I noticed a bunch of people with cameras near the runway adjacent to the factory. They were waiting for a brand new 787 taking off on a test flight. I grabbed my camera from the car.

Brand new 787 on it's first flight - built for LAN of Chile. 

I like the swept wing design of the 787.
Hopefully they finally got the bugs worked out. 

At the end of the tour they give you the price list. The 747 costs about $360 million but you can get a brand new 787 for a mere 250 million. Seats are extra. 

If you are near Seattle and like airplanes, I recommend this tour.

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