Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hot springs and geysers

Yellowstone National Park is most famous for it's various thermal features. The colors and diversity were fascinating. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest hot spring in the park and the most colorful. The spring itself is an eerie blue because of the clarity and depth of the water, and there are red thermophilic bacteria growing around it along with some pinkish mineral deposits. The best view is from above (GPS from above) but the trek to the top of the mountain was above my pay grade so I took this shot standing on a bench.  
Grand Prismatic Spring
While "Old Faithful" is the most famous geyser, we kind of liked this little one which happened to erupt as we passed by. 
A small geyser whose name I don't know
I liked the cones (some geysers have them, some don't) and especially this one called pink cone.
Pink Cone
One thing you may notice about my photos - many have interesting clouds and light. I'm learning that for landscape photography, this is as important as the subject. Of course you need to get lucky with the weather, and I have many photos with ugly gray skies which don't make it to the blog.

Another hot spring with a cool blue tint. These things are all over the place. This one has some yellow-ish bacteria around it. 

I'll leave off the shot of Old Faithful - the sky was gray that day.

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